Ring Size Calculation

Method 1: If you cannot remember your ring size during your shopping; Wrap a piece of paper in a piece of string, string or ribbon and mark where the two ends meet. Measure up to where you marked it with a ruler with a millimeter. These values ​​will give you the length of the circumference of your finger. Now you can easily find your size with the table below.

Method 2: If there is an existing ring that fits your finger you want to wear the ring, measure it from the widest part of the ring with the ruler measuring in millimeters (mm) as shown in the picture below.

Ring Size Chart


Bracelet Size Calculation

  • Please take your wrist size with tape measure.
  • Measure from your surface without squeezing your wrist.
  • Do not leave extra spaces.
  • You can choose one of the following suitable sizes according to your size.

Ring Size Chart

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